Facebook Applications

We know how to gain fans of your mark

We've been creating applications for Facebook platform since December 2009. Our applications have gained hundreds thousands of fans who have spent many hours of good fun using them. Fans can become loyal clients. Hundreds of their friends inquire about recommended mark. Company and its products gain positive effigy.

We create simple stateless applications (quizzes, draws, publications of predefined inscriptions) as well as complex applications that involve usage of databases (bookmaker typers, games and quizzes that hold saved state of the game). Thanks to the possibilities offered by Facebook, we are capable of reaching a chosen group of users and their friends and then encourage them to use a chosen product in a non-intrusive way.

Web Applications

We love building web apps

If you have an idea for an internet portal, B2B or B2C platform or totally revolutionary e-service, we'll find the best way to realize your project!

We execute the whole process of creation of the internet service:

  • we deeply analyze functional requirements, so that the portal meets all of your requirements
  • we provide solutions, which attract maximal number of users with desired profile
  • we write source code using the best technologies and development techniques
  • we choose appropriate server depending on expected number of users and we perform deployment
  • with the growing popularity of the portal we add improvements and brand new features

Mobile Applications

iOS, Android and HTML5

Native Mobile Apps are developed using Programming languages & Native SDKs provided by Apple (iOS) & Google (Android). Apps developed using these tools provide high performance, better user experience and tight integration with device’s hardware. Since the programming is done differently for iOS & Android, same source code can not be reused. This results in spending equivalent cost in developing one app for multiple platforms and also requires maintenance to be done separately for each app.

In order to reduce overall investment in making an app compatible to both iOS and Android mobile devices, we're using HTML5, CSS & JavaScript. The code is written once but app can run on multiple mobile platforms thus saving cost.

  • Native Mobile Applications are most suitable for apps that are used on a regular basis, used for content creation, have complex workflows or calculations, need to access native functionality or processing such as SMS, GPS, Click to Call, Camera etc and importantly need offline capability i.e. users can use the app without internet connectivity. Native Mobile Apps offer better user experience and a great distribution & marketing platform to you via App stores.
  • Web Mobile Apps are most suitable for apps that are used for content consumption, don’t need offline capability i.e. users can use the app mostly online. Mobile Web Apps are instantly available to users (they are not distributed on App Stores) and content can be updated remotely without needing to publish updated version on App store each time.
  • Hybrid Mobile Apps are provide best of both of above options. Some part of the App can be kept Native Mobile App while other as Web App (still wrapped inside the Native App).

Business Applications

Unconventional solutions, which introduce new quality into your work

If the market lacks a solution, which entirely satisfies the needs of your company, then our concrete, tailor-made offer is directed especially to you. We execute the whole software development process:

  • we analyze business process taking place at your company, so that software is ideally suited
  • we project solutions strictly fitted to your needs without unnecessary features, doing its job most efficiently
  • we create high quality software - applications easy to use, intuitive, fast and reliable
  • we constantly improve created application - we create prototypes, test them with the client, introduce improvements
  • we deploy ready product in your company
  • we provide free users training
  • we're always ready to introduce new features connected with changing reality